Our First Day In The Recording Studio Was Aaaamaaazing!

Christine Rosander Recording Studio

Dear Music Family,

I’m so excited! Our first day in the studio was aaaamaaazing! Oh my gosh, where to begin?

It was better than I even dreamed it could be and I’m so grateful to all of you, my co-creators and angels who joined with me to make “Been a Long Time” a reality. I brought all of you along with me into the studio. Every conversation I had with each of you during the Indiegogo campaign, all of the stories you shared about my mom, catching up with those of you I haven’t spoken to in a long time, all of it went into the songs we recorded. I felt all of you with me in the studio. All of your love and prayers carried my voice and the whole band up to heavenly heights!

When things are in alignment, it flows. If there were a word to describe how things went, that would be it, FLOW! We all had a blast making music together and sailed through 3 songs,  “Love is the Answer”, “That’s How the Story Goes” and “Inside this Body”. All of our preparation and pre-production paid off big time and it was thrilling to hear my beautiful vision come to life, I can’t wait for you to hear it!

A huge thanks to my team: Sara Chameides for assisting so I could focus on singing, Alex Martinez for some great shots and video to come (here are a few photos behind the scenes) and the whole band deserves some big hugs, high fives and kudos; Mick Taras, Paul Alexander Gonzalez, Doug Petty, Edwin Livingston and engineer Talley Sherwood and his lovely studio Tritone recording!

Sheet Music Recording Studio - Band Mick Taras Guitar Doug Petty Edwin Livingston small Christine & Edwin 4 Musicians

Okay, have got to prep for day 2. Stay tuned for more. Happy Thursday! Woot woot!

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