Finding Freedom and Deeper Connection in My Singing!

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My Dear Music Family,

It’s been a reflecting kind of week. Before going into the studio to record, I asked myself this question: what if I was willing to let go of my fears, my desire for wanting things to be perfect, my need to control how things end up? What then?

I thought about the journey I asked you to take with me when I began the Indiegogo campaign. I asked you to take a leap of faith with me, to be a part of something bigger than me. Now I was asking myself to stretch and grow, to put my heart out there with trust and faith.

So here we are a week later and I’m still reliving how each day in the studio was truly heaven.  I was able to make music with my favorite people in the world and it was amazing how everything was in such flow and alignment.  The band came together and we all had this feeling of connection. Then something happened to me that I wasn’t quite expecting.  By day 3 when recording “Soul and Bone”, I was singing in a way I never have before! I fully sang from the bottom of my soul with a bit of raspy goodness, completely emotional and unstudied.

On day 2 we recorded “Love Remains” and “Honey For My Soul” – both songs inspired by my mom.  That’s the day we had a blast doing the fun clap track. Watch the video to see how much fun we were having!

On day 3, we recorded “Bitter and Sweet” and “Soul and Bone”.  Both songs have a raw and haunting quality about them. Aaron Sterling joined us on percussion and played instruments made from found objects: Perrier cans tied together, a washtub, and a brake fluid can. They all sounded so cool and added so much to the songs. Patricia Bahia, my friend and cowriter, also joined us in the studio and added a lot to the fun, gave some good feedback and cheered me on.

I surprised myself and looking back now, it all makes so much sense! If I am willing to let go of my fear and perfectionism and what I think I’m able to control, I find a deeper connection and freedom in my singing. I open up to my essential self, surrender to divine flow and then truly hand things over to a higher power.

I’m so excited to do this, for you, for me, and for all of us while experiencing the magic of music and surrender. Truly this experience has touched me deeply and I am so grateful to be sharing this experience with all of you.  I can’t wait to share the tracks when we are done with mastering.

More exciting things in the coming weeks as we continue with production and begin to get our perks designed. Stay tuned!

If you are stateside, happy early Labor Day weekend.


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