“Been a Long Time” Album Cover Is Busting Out All Over!

I can’t believe it’s June already! Just this time last year, the campaign was ending, and we were planning to go into the studio. I’ve had a post-it note by my computer for weeks now to give you guys an update. The “behind the scenes” of the album project has been consuming, to say the least. Who knew there would be so many moving parts?

Just to give you a sense of me buzzing around the studio in between teaching, we logged several weeks worth of production time mixing and mastering the songs. Then came artwork and photo shoots for the album. Since we did not fundraise the full amount for all of the expenses, I’ve been creatively fundraising along the way as well, to cover the costs at the same time. We are headed towards the finish line– next up will be finding PR and planning the release for October! (Yippee!)

There have been ups and downs for sure, but as I sat down with the designer to choose photos for the album this past week, I was reminded of YOU. I was reminded when I looked at the backers from the Indiegogo campaign that there was NO WAY I could have done any of this without YOU. Aside from all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the making of the album, there is so much love. This album is about family, my grandfather, my dad and my mom…and all of YOU. You are my family too: my music family.

So when I was adding names of some of you in my special thank you page of the album, I got teary-eyed and my heart was flooded with memories of how amazing it was that everyone showed up for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a crucial part in making this all happen.

Now for some fun stuff! Here is a sneak peek of the album cover. Andrea Cat, my designer, is also part of the synchronicities that continue to pop up in my life. She and I met on Instagram because of our love of cats, (another story for another time).  Take a look at Andrea’s artwork on her website.

I hope this summer brings you much joy and relaxation. Drop me a line on IG or on FB if you have a moment. And your perks are coming as we head towards the release. Andrea and I are putting the finishing touches on the artwork as I type.

All my love, Christine

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