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“Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing” -Anonymous

And I would add to that quote, I AM ALL IN!  Being open and curious without attachment seems to be the theme lately!  It’s been a while since my last update, but trust me when I say there have been many nights I’ve been sitting here, looking at the computer screen, wanting to hit “send” and wondering where do I even begin to describe the whirlwind of a summer I’ve had?

Well, one thing I know for sure- Spirit has been leading the way. This summer, after much blood, sweat and tears, we finished design and production of the album.  Part of me felt it I was back at the starting line again!  Production-totally hit it out of the ballpark, check!  Now, who is going to get this out into the world?  I felt like the caterpillar that was now getting ready to transform into a butterfly.  It is time for my debut, but what kind of debut?

Where would I feel most at home? I was told Folk Acoustic, maybe Adult Contemporary? Americana? Singer-Songwriter? Go broad or niche?

My search for the perfect PR agency to help birth this album felt a bit like being set up on a blind date.  I would meet someone, who knew someone, and after leads and leads of leads, a brief introduction, I would get on the phone and tell them my magical story of how this all came to be.  There were some scary moments for sure, putting myself out there but I kept leaping, praying that the net would appear.   And it did! I will soon be able to spill the beans on my kick ass PR team, but until then, nothing but good news on the horizon!

I am happy to report that my PR A-team is coming along and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way things are lining up, thanks to the guardian angels I have by my side. Was my faith tested?  Well…. I would be lying if I said no, as we are all imperfect humans.  But here we are, September!!!  And yesssss, things are moving along magnificently.

And there are some exciting things coming your way so mark your calendar!

Exclusive Record Release Show at the Hotel Cafe November 12th (and you, my Indiegogo music family are my VIPs!)

This is a special night for my Indiegogo music family and fans…. you will hear us play live all the songs on the album and get your copy of the Super Deluxe limited edition CD of “Been a Long Time”.

We are going to pack the House!  It will sell out for sure, so get your tickets now!

If you are not in town, not to worry- I have some nationwide releases in the works, including radio spots in early 2018. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months.  We are just getting this party started!  The “official” release is slated for January 2018.

If you are in the Nashville area, I am going to Americana Fest next week. I’m looking forward to connecting with old and new friends!  Crazy to think it was only 3 short years ago that I met wonderful souls John and Sharon Grayum, who introduced me to writer Lee Zimmerman, who has turned out to be instrumental in building my dream team for the record launch.  I’m feeling energized, excited and joyous! You can say that I am “joyously” working hard. Even though sometimes, it doesn’t feel like so much “work” as getting a huge YES!


Can you feel my excitement? My call to share my music with all of you has been answered again and again and I could not be more grateful.

All my love,

We are going to pack the House!  Get your tickets to the Hotel Café now! 

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