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Sunday 11/12 SAVE THE DATE:
I will be launching my new album campaign at Hotel Café
Music starts 7pm. Get your tickets HERE as it will sell out!

My music family,

I can’t believe it’s November already! Time continues to fly by. It seems there are more places to be, things to do, commitments—that when the end of the day suddenly appears I sometimes feel like a human doing rather than a human being. Its days like these that music reminds me to SLOW DOWN & SAVOR the things most important to me.

When I slow down, the “doing” fades to black and I find myself at the piano, with Herbie my sidekick by my side, a calming cup of tea and the music. This is how I re-fill my cup and get back to center, with music, with dear friends in my life, with God. Reminding me that control is just an illusion. All the business I’ve had going on with the PR campaign, the upcoming show, and the album release.

What’s important isn’t the logistics of everything getting done.

What’s important is how my heart feels while getting everything ready.

What’s important isn’t getting it all perfect.

What’s important is how I am with myself during the process: am I loving? Encouraging? Compassionate? Gentle? Playful? Joyful?

What ways are you with yourself when you find your days full?

This morning we will be in the studio rehearsing for the show next week.

It will be less about hitting each note perfectly and more about being together with my band mates and putting our souls into the music, the creative collaboration with my music family.

My music grounds me and keeps my feet firmly planted along with family, relationships, friendships and my connection with Spirit.

It’s less about stuff and more about the journey.

Speaking of trips, have you gotten your ticket yet?

In less than 2 weeks, we will be rocking out to a full house at Hotel Cafe. I look back at my last album release show, years ago and how different life is now. I will keep this post short and sweet because more will be revealed during today’s FB live!

Come join us on FB today at 12pm Los Angeles time.

I will be singing the gifts from spirit, so grateful to be a conduit of his love and I look forward to melding that with heaps of my overflowing gratitude for you all-my music family. I hope your day is filled with joy and time for play.

Until then,

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