Music, Love and Gratitude

My Dear Music Family,

Happy Thursday! I hope your week has been good so far. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just one week away! I have SO much to be thankful for. I am still coming down from the show at Hotel Café this past Sunday night. It was SO amazing!

I prepared and planned and rehearsed for the show and then when I got up on stage, all of a sudden, I didn’t know what I was going to say! I prayed right before the show began. I said “God, please give me the words” and all of a sudden, there it was and everything flowed. I felt SO supported, not knowing what was coming next and you know what? Spirit was right there with me. I have never felt so at ease before or during a show! Even when I played the piano— playing live while performing has made me a bit nervous in the past, but Sunday night, I was totally comfortable. I stayed in the zone and my mind didn’t go to all of the things it usually would have. Being a solopreneur, I sometimes wear many hats. But Sunday night, I didn’t have to! I felt uplifted and I STILL DO!

And I wasn’t the only one! A dear friend who was there that night must have felt it too, as she emailed me this morning:

“Wonderful Wonderful! Christine: Have you recovered? It was a fantastic night. Your singing was gorgeous, songs so meaningful. I loved the way it opened with the two songs connected to each other. And just loved the way all the songs fit together. LOVED Soul and Bone. So powerful. My friends just thought your voice was gorgeous and loved the evening as we all did. I loved the band and the rapport and love you have for each other. Loved the stories about the musicians. Loved the way you said “ok, take two, I guess we just weren’t ready.” You were so confident and easy. You must be so tired. I hope you are as happy about it as we all were. CONGRATULATIONS. It was wonderful. Oh, and of course, on a trivial note…I LOVED loved your dress. Who made it? But, mostly the songs, your singing, the music, was just fantastic and it all worked together.
Love, J.”

How beautiful and in alignment this all feels! The message I keep getting is to stay open, keep going and enjoy the moment. With that, I have exciting news! My album is now available for Pre-order! It’s a perfect gift for a soulful friend or family member on your holiday list. –As a dear friend said below, it’s sooooo good. 🙂

“You were PHENOMENAL tonight. I’m a little bit obsessed with these songs. Hard Habit…Someone is definitely going to put this song in a movie. It’s sooooo good.” — Ross

Someone pinch me 🙂 please! I am sending my love this pre-Thanksgiving weekend wherever you may be, along with my gratitude for your support. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Been a Long Time Album Cover

Carry your hearts with me,

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