The Healing Power Of Love Thru Music

My Dear Music Family,

2018 has just begun and yet, it feels like so much has happened.  So much can change in the blink of an eye.  Last week, I tried putting myself in the shoes of those living in Hawaii—waking up to a statewide alert that a missile was heading their way.  Thank goodness the alert was sent by mistake.

Nonetheless, it got me thinking…what a brief time we all have here on this earth and how precious it is.

Last year when I began this album journey, I was reconnecting with my roots, thinking about my Grandpa Ray and who I really am.  I was feeling some doubts based on all I had been through.

Making this album brought me back to what is really important and I went back and remembered.  When we are scared, our breath is shallow and that’s what it was like for me.  Grounding, breathing and really feeling my way back with all of the songs, it was restorative and healing.  Just remembering that love and connection.  The entire album grew out of that starting point and became so much more.

“BEEN A LONG TIME” is so personal, a reflection of my experiences, and yet it is so universal.  Just as the Hawaii missile mistake reminded us to hug and tell those we love how much we care, this album is needed now more than ever. Society needs it.  Reminding us to remain positive during darkest times.

In this past year, I’ve gotten to know myself better than I ever have.

The songs are not only from my heart, but it’s really about owning it.  This is my purpose. I want to inspire you through the music to live from your heart too.

My local peeps; will you join your hearts with mine in just a little over a week? I will be packing the house at Genghis Cohen with my album launch!

Friday Jan 26th is the album release!

It’s the official album release show at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles!  Music starts at 9:30pm. Intimate, live, acoustic, all ages!

Get your tickets now!

I’m really getting excited!  You won’t want to miss the band!  The band is beyond amazing!  And…I can’t wait for you to see my dress!  For all you fashionistas out there, I’m having something very special made!

Plus more exciting news: I will be giving away a few tickets and VIP packages, so stay tuned on Facebook between now and the 26th to find out how to get yours!

Until then and with much love,


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