5 Days to Genghis Cohen!! And the Band is…

Dear Music Family,

I saw this quote the other day…”The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.  Perpetual anticipation is good for the soul, but it’s bad for the heart.  Never forget that anticipation is an important part of life.  Work’s important, family’s important, but without excitement, you have nothing.”

In this case, anticipation is a good thing!  So many blessings keep showing up as I prepare for the release show next weekend.  One of my many lessons this week, while juggling so many balls, is just doing it!  Do what I need to do and check it off my list with gratitude and detachment…detachment to the outcome, detachment to being perfect.  This allows for opportunities and joy to come through in all of my “doing”, including putting more labels on CDs that went out this week for the Indiegogo perks.  Did you pre-order the album? Get yours here!


I am thrilled to be releasing my album “BEEN A LONG TIME” at one of my favorite venues, Genghis Cohen! And I’ll be playing with some of my favorite musicians…

  • Mick Taras and Danny Donnelly – guitars, mandolin, dobro
  • Ronnie Shelton – piano
  • Edwin Livingston – bass
  • Mark Stepro – drums/percussion
  • Jayme Palmer and Ross Chitwood – vocals

This band is gonna give LA something to talk about!  Show begins at 9:30pm.

Pre-sale tickets are available here.

Tickets will also be available at the door for $15 (cash only).   

This is an All Ages show, so please join us and bring friends and family.  I look forward to seeing you there!

With Love,

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