Hitting My Truth and The Alt Root Top Ten Songs!

My Dear Music Family,

Have you ever found yourself in a place and time where everything felt so right that you got chills?  I was there this past Friday night…at the album release show, walking out to a packed room!  It was phenomenal…to be seen, heard, sharing my love with everyone there. I was grounded and plugged in.  I was not nervous at all. In fact, I was more connected with everyone at this show than I had ever been!

It felt like being carried by source, this high vibrational energy where it felt like we were all one, sharing the healing power of love thru music!

This energy. I wanted to bottle it in a mason jar when the show ended, to send to all of you.  Instead, I closed my eyes and brought all of you home with me. This morning as I write these words, it continues to unfold, this natural high. It’s this natural high I want to dive more deeply in with you today.

As one of my dear friends Jane said after the show, “Christine, you’ve hit your truth.”

When we fully bring ourselves to the table, the universe conspires and helps us create magic.

This is the space I find myself when I get lost in the music. Lost in the creation, lost in the playing. It happens when I am having coffee with a dear friend, catching up only to look up minutes later to see two hours have passed.

When we radiate our truth, our authentic self, we become magnets for all things possible.

This is the space I am learning to stay in when I want to know what the future holds. There are still so many unknowns in my life around this album as we are just beginning.  Holding, grounding and trusting. The trusting is a big one for me! I’ve been telling myself I am doing the best I can. The rest is up to God and the universe.

I know the universe has my back, especially with the two major pieces of news I’ve just received…

Yesterday, I found out we placed in the top 200 on the Americana Radio Charts.  My radio promoter, Bill Wence, says this is a really great start and we are sure to move up.  I feel in my heart that all of our collective energy has put us there!

This afternoon, I just found out we are featured in the “Top Ten Songs of the Week” from The Alternate Root!  I’m honored to be listed alongside Chris Stapleton!

Here’s what they have to say…

“Christine Rosander beats the odds, her resolve carrying her across a broken emotional landscape as she finds that when all is stripped away, she is left with “Soul and Bone”. The story and song can be found on the recent release from Christine Rosander, Been a Long Time.”

Yes!  I am jumping up and down for joy at this news, AND…I am choosing to stay plugged in, continually grounded to source.  My ego stepped aside long ago and chose God, through him; I know all things are possible.  And I welcome the next steps without being attached to the outcome.  This is my purpose and I am so honored that The Alternative Roots gets it!

This is what I want for you too. Wherever you may be today, if you are feeling down, “Soul and Bone” will help lift you up and empower you.  If you are feeling lonely, “Love Remains” will remind you that you are not alone.  If you are having an amazing day, “Honey For My Soul” will keep the energy flowing.

“Great show!  Your voice just gets stronger and stronger, you take more risks, and your music is very appropriate for our times” Love, Sandra

These songs are for you. May you be strong, keep your heart open to more possibilities during these uncertain times we are facing.


Here is a free download of the title track of the album, “Been a Long Time” and the lyric booklet with all the album artwork.

Here are the links to buy the album…

Buy Signed CD

Buy Digital Album

Until next time,

From my happy place to yours,

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