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Happy September!  I’m so excited to be back in touch with you.   The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of activities filled with lots of music and a new website! Drumroll…. Leave me a comment about your favorite on the site and I will send you a special unreleased track from me.

What I’ve been up to:

On Mother’s day I held my student recital for the first time at Steinway Piano Gallery in Beverly Hills. We played on the 600,000th Steinway made, such a stunning work of art.
Look at all of my proud students!

Summer was all about travel! We celebrated my dad’s 80th with lots of music and a family portrait that captures the inspiration behind so many of my songs. Then it was off to Nashville to work with Mary Gauthier on songwriting. A wonderful teacher and mentor, everything Mary shared resonated deeply with me and validated the path I am on.  I made some amazing new friends who already feel like we’ve known each other forever, and are collaborating for some shows in LA so stay tuned!

Dad & Christine 80th Birthday Dana, Dad, Chris

Next, it was back up to Sacramento to shoot the video for my Kickstarter campaign. Yes, I am gearing up to record a new album! Woot woot! Here are some behind the scenes shots.

Day 1 Kickstarter Video Day 2 Kickstarter Video Sara-Christine-Ruby

I will post more when I get back from Nashville for the Americana Music Festival, where I will continue my journey from last summer of sharing my gift with the world. A year ago, I met Joe Henry, Jamestown Revival, Cassandra Wilson, Phil Madeira and Jim Lauderdale. I wonder what this year will bring? This year, Ry Cooder and Rhiannon Giddens are on my radar 🙂 Just sayin…we never know what the future brings when we are open!

Cassandra Wilson Jamestown Revival Jim Lauderdale Joe Henry

On the _Blue Carpet_

Two years ago April, on a most amazing night, Spirit showed me dreams DO come true! Lexi began studying voice with me 11 years ago. Little did we know, she would be singing my song “Traveling Mercy” at the Light Up The Blues Concert, sending love and healing to thousands affected by Autism.

I was there right along side Lexi, just the two of us on stage, playing piano and singing harmonies. And yes, we rocked the Nokia Theater! The evening raised over $250,000 for children with autism. The night was made into a concert film that captures the love and music of Lexi and me, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Lucinda Williams, Don Felder, Rickie Lee Jones, Chris Stills and Jack Black.

You can get the movie on iTunes and all the proceeds benefit Autism Speaks.

I am excited to be attending this year’s LUTB concert that will be held at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood on Saturday, April 25th.

I am so proud of Lexi! My students are important to me and I’m thrilled to pass along all I’ve learned and share the healing power of music. Here’s what Lexi’s mom had to say:

“Lexi has a beautiful voice, an ability to memorize lyrics easily and an “ear” for music.  She also has autism.  Until Lexi began to work weekly with Christine, she was unable to successfully process information, take direction, and transition from activity to activity (including singing a song) without a great deal of support.  With the patient and loving guidance of Christine, along with the healing power of music, Lexi has blossomed and found her “voice”.

Lexi’s singing reminds us that if we remain present, lose judgment and share our gifts without thought of getting something in return, maybe then, love could prevail.”

Love rules! I love what I do and I am so proud of my students! Exciting things are coming up in the next couple of months; my student recital is going to be at the brand new Steinway Piano Gallery in Beverly Hills. In June I am headed to Nashville to work on songwriting with Mary Gauthier! I can hardly wait…stay tuned for more!

Song Writers Festival

This year is starting off in alignment with my purpose – sharing my music with the world! A continuation of my trip to Nashville in September, where I felt called to attend the Americana Music Festival. I went without an agenda in mind, trusting my gut to lead me to different shows and venues. There, I met a United Methodist Pastor, Paul Nulton, who loves Americana as much as I do. Pastor Paul and I became friends and he invited me to listen to Phil Madeira’s set and made an introduction. There was no way I would have found Phil on my own, this was definitely Spirit at work! We have kept in touch and Phil recently invited me to come to Florida to his Mercyland Songwriting Workshop at 30A.

Song writing touches my soul and lifts my spirits. When I am writing, it takes me to a place where I can leave my cares behind and get lost in the moment. This is my wish for you, to be lost in the moment when you are listening to my songs and that your worries too will be left behind.

So in two days I will be traveling Florida to do two of my favorite things! Not only will I be writing songs, I will be performing with Phil and some of the songwriters at the 30A Songwriter’s Festival, alongside the likes of Graham Nash, Leon Russell, Indigo Girls and Rodney Crowell.

Today, I ask you what it means to be following your vision, to be on purpose and authentic to your heart’s calling. Take a big leap with me and do what feeds your soul and makes your heart sing!

Leave your comments below and join me for the performance in Florida, there will be a live stream so you can listen in!

Tuesday – Jan 13th, 2015
The Listening Living Room at Grayt Coffee House
6 – 9 pm central standard time
Live audio/video streaming with Leslie Kolovich on Hounddog Radio

_You Made Me Who I Am_ CD Cover
What are you thankful for? As Thanksgiving approaches, thankfulness is on our minds, as we count our blessings and what we are grateful for.

Recently my Dad called to tell me that his wife Laura had a bad fall and thought she broke her hip. Luckily nothing is broken but she is seriously bruised and is in the hospital recovering. My Dad always keeps a cheerful front, but I could hear the worry in his voice. That made my heart tender, as I’m sure a similar call from family touches you. I want to pull my family closer and I’m reminded how amazingly blessed I have been in my life to have such loving parents.

I’m also blessed to have music in my life, brought to me by my sweet Momma. I know a lot of people never get to pursue their dreams the way I have. I’m blessed to be able to live it each and every day, making my living doing something I love so much. Sometimes it is a challenge, when the grass looks greener, when others have “real jobs”, seemingly with security and structure, but I keep at it anyway. I know it’s my life’s purpose, part of my soul, to make music. Most of all, I could never continue without all the love and support from you! You are the reason I do what I do; you lift me up, sustain me and keep me on my path.

I’m thankful for you and am gifting you a super secret song download, available only to those who read this post. It’s a song inspired by my parents called “You Made Me Who I Am”.

Available 48 hours only, today through Thanksgiving at midnight! Be sure to click on the link and download the song now!

Tell your friends about the post and share the love and music all around!

Click here to download “You Made Me Who I Am”.

I’m so grateful for my family and you and the love and connection music brings!

Here are the lyrics; imagine I’m singing them to you!

You Made Me Who I Am

I am a child
I am a woman.
I wanna be your little girl forever.
Maybe I should grow up but I
Don’t wanna thing to change.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life and I
Called you up cryin’
Called you up and you were there for me.
I don’t know what I would do if I, I didn’t have you
To pick me up, pick me up, pick me up.

You made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me, made me, you made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
You—made me who I am.

Sometimes I’m sad,
Sometimes I’m lonely,
But there’s something I always come back to.
Lifts me up and sustains me;
It’s everything I learn from you.

But you never preach to me you just live your life,
Live your life and you were there for me.
I don’t know what I would do if I, I didn’t have you
To pick me up, pick me up, pick me up.

You made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me, made me, you made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me who I am.

And all that I am today, because you love me,
Love me that way, because you love me,
You made me who I am.

Made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me, made me, you made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
Made me who I am.
You—you—made me who I am.

© Rosander Music

It may seem like Fall in other parts of the country, but here in LA, we are experiencing a heat wave with 90 degree + weather. Aside from cooling off by the ocean, sitting inside air-conditioned rooms is where you will find me today, before I am Nashville bound for the Americana Music Festival!

What a whirlwind summer it has been. It was a great way to start the celebration of my birthday month with a concert! Thanks again to all those who showed up at Genghis Cohen to help me premiere “Pink Rose” a song close and dear to my heart. I had so much fun singing for you! Click to see photos and videos of the night.

June was an action packed month! Rosander Music Studio’s students came together for an amazing recital. For the first time we played on a gorgeous Fazioli concert grand piano at Pierre’s Fine Pianos. Both the students and I were in heaven playing on it! Click to see pictures of the recital.

July brought my dear father’s 79th birthday and a big family celebration dinner. I’m so proud of my daddy! In August “Been A Long Time” was featured at the Sacramento Film & Music Festival. It was lovely to fly north to my hometown where we were interviewed on Capital Public Radio’s “Insight”. It was a blast bringing my dad (my co-star) and family to the screening at the Crest Theater and we brought home a winner! “Been a Long Time” WON the Audience Award at the festival, making it oh so meaningful!

I’ve spoken about how when we are aligned with our heart’s desires, doors are flung open and we take one step each day closer towards what brings us joy. Well, this month it is Nashville! Yep, as you read this, I am packing my bags for the last trip as I bid our Indian summer farewell and jump on a plane to the Americana Music Festival. Part of following my heart is having faith that my passion, my inner compass will continue to guide me closer to my goal of sharing my life’s work with you all. I will be bringing all of you with me in spirit to the festival and if you happen to be in the same neck of the woods, please don’t hesitate to reach out on FB, my twitter feed or here on the blog.


Hi there,

I hope your weekend was wonderful and your September is off to a great start!

I just returned from Sacramento where “Been a Long Time” won the Audience Award at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival! It was a wonderful validation and acknowledgement of what I already knew inside and was ready to share with the world—the strength of family, the memory of my grandfather shining on the big screen, the love we shared.

Even though it IS my song, so much of it is what I try to live everyday. I realize how important it is to allow my creativity to come out through my music, uncensored. When I create, there is a flow to life. This is what I wish for you today. For you to have flow and creativity in whatever you do during your day.

Be present to what is. Whether it is your work, your family, or even being with your pets.

Sending you big hugs!


Watch “Been a Long Time” now!
Don’t forget to share, favorite and dance around!

10 Christine Sings On Set

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since the video shoot last summer. It was as if Grandpa Ray was there with us in spirit, helping put everything together. The magic of the day of the shoot was palpable. The experience was grace filled in every way. How seamlessly everything came together, the location, my dad being there, the film clips with my Grandpa Ray.

Fast forward to a year, and here we are. “Been a Long Time” is going to premiere at the Sacramento Film Festival. I am reminded once again how simple life can be when we allow it, when we allow things to just flow, we are able to share the joy that is always within us with others.

I’ve finally had a chance to pull together some behind the scenes shots which show the beauty of the day.

A lot of effort by lots of special people went into the making of this video, which will now be shared with more of the world next weekend. For those of you who live near Sacramento, here are the details.

“Been a Long Time” will screen Saturday, August 23rd

The Crest Theater, 1013 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Schedule – Buy Tickets

I will be there all weekend so come say hello! As always, thank you for allowing me into your life with my music. I am wishing you a weekend filled with joy and miracles!

“Been a Long Time,” celebrates my grandfather, Ray Rosander and the need we all have to connect with each other.

Foreman's Cottage

The opening lyrics say it all, a perfect Father’s day song…

When I think of you,
I think of your hands;
strong, worn, brown suntan.
A father and a farmer,
just a simple man.
When I think of you,
I think of your hands.


I certainly do think about Grandpa’s hands often. Hands that lovingly cared for his animals; he was well known for his expertise with horses and cattle, hands that were skillful as a farmer and that would always lovingly take my hand. They were hands that had seen life and hard work, but were filled with love and caring. My Dad has often said that Grandpa was his best friend; what a testament to a father! He had a friendly, easy-going way and a deep spiritual love of life that he passed on to us.

Here are the lyrics of the second verse…

When I was a child,
I learned I could count on you.
You didn’t mind my questions,
Always easy to talk to.
You loved the land
and you taught me to love it too.
When I was a child
I learned I could count on you.

My Dad is also the kind of father I learned I could count on as a child. He has been a support and anchor in my life, especially the last few years, when I faced challenges. I don’t know how I could have made it through tough times without my Dad. My Grandpa Ray and my Dad are always on my mind and heart. I am blessed to have had not only a wonderful father, but a wonderful grandfather as well.

Grandpa Ray

Here are the lyrics to the chorus…

Oh it’s been a long time,
but you are still on my mind.
Oh it’s been a long time,
but you are still on my mind.

Creating the music video brought the song to life in a powerful way. Now I’d love to get the message of love, healing and connection out to the world and I need YOU to do it! The video has almost 10,000 views and I want to make that goal and go far, far beyond! Please WATCH and SHARE! Share the video on Facebook and send the link to friends!

Happy early Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures out there!

YOU are why I do what I do! I love to hear from you; it gives me inspiration to keep on writing and singing songs! Tell me your thoughts and stories, your memories and what your father means to you.


Traveling Mercy Cover

I love celebrating birthdays! In honor of my upcoming birthday and Birthday Concert at Genghis Cohen this Saturday May 31, I am spreading the love around and giving you a gift too!

You will receive an acoustic version of “Traveling Mercy” not yet released anywhere else! It’s a song straight from my heart to yours about finding peace and healing.

Click here to get your free song!

My student Lexington Aaron and I sang “Traveling Mercy” in the All-Star Concert Film, “Light Up The Blues” which benefits Autism Speaks. The film is a “Must See” and stars Crosby, Stills & Nash, Don Felder, Rickie Lee Jones, Lucinda Williams and Jack Black. I’m so proud my song is featured right along side classics like “Hotel California”, “Love The One You’re With” and Teach Your Children Well”.

Watch “Traveling Mercy” at my Release Party at El Cid!

“Traveling Mercy” will be available to subscribers through my birthday on June 7th. If you aren’t signed up, do it now and get your free song!

Please enjoy “Traveling Mercy” and generously share it with friends and family!

And…Come help me celebrate my birthday at Genghis Cohen, Saturday May 31 at 9:00 p.m.! I can’t wait to see you and share brand new songs, a crazy good band and me singing my heart for YOU!

Pink Rose

Happy weekend! I hope May has been treating you well! It has been a quite a whirlwind month here, writing new songs and planning my birthday celebration.

On May 31st, I will be debuting my newest song “Pink Rose” at my birthday concert at Genghis Cohen. It is already getting rave reviews from those closest to my heart, including Pastor Catie at my church, where it was included in the Mother’s Day sermon.

“Pink Rose” is about being a person who has confidence in themselves, about feeling good enough for the very best. It’s about being encouraged to explore and enjoy all that life has in store. It’s a song I’ve had on my heart for a while, but it didn’t come together until now! I couldn’t write the song until I was finally ready to believe and say for myself, loudly and boldly, “I deserve all the best in life!” And guess what? SO DO YOU!

For my fellow Angeleno friends, please save this date so that I can shower you with love (and all the new songs that are burning a hole in my musical pocket!)

May 31st, Genghis Cohen with Chris Pierce and my band!

Get ready for an amazing night of inspired music and healing!

Click here to read the lyrics of “Pink Rose”

I’d love to hear from you! Write to me here or on Facebook.

See the event and RSVP on FACEBOOK.