Been a Long Time


Christine talks about her latest single, “Been a Long Time.”

Who is your anchor?  Who is the person that connects you to family, to love and to the earth?


For me that person is my Grandpa Ray Rosander.  Grandpa Ray was a simple man, a farmer, but he taught so much about life by his example.  He had a friendly, easy-going way and a deep spiritual love of life. He wasn’t tied to material things.  He was proud of his small domain and the ability to provide for his family.

I went through some tough years. I lost myself in an abusive marriage and was left filled with self-doubt and fear. Connecting with Grandpa’s memory has been healing.  I’m reminded of what’s really important in life and that I am surrounded with love.  Grandpa Ray was someone who could always be counted on to be himself and writing “Been a Long Time” allowed me to connect with my authentic self and remember who I am.

Producing the music video for “Been a Long Time” brought the song to life in an even more powerful way.  We used old film clips of Grandpa Ray interwoven with current shots of my Dad as the farmer. The story, location and music came together effortlessly. I truly felt Spirit at work.

“Been a Long Time” is my prayer for listeners. I hope that you may experience the healing power of music and be reminded of what is really important in life.

Of who anchors you. Of the person that connects you to the earth, to family and to love.