Come celebrate with me and enjoy a fun night of music at Genghis Cohen!

Put Saturday May 31st on your calendar because there’s nothing I’d rather do for my birthday than SING FOR YOU!

I’m especially excited because I’m sharing the night with dear friend Chris Pierce!   Chris and I have known each other since our days in the jazz studies program at USC. He is a dynamic, inspiring singer-songwriter and it’s an honor to share the stage with him! You are in for a double treat and won’t want to miss the musical magic sure to happen!

This is an intimate venue and seating is limited!

Click here to purchase tickets in advance!



Here are pictures from the “Been A Long Time” video release party at El Cid. Click here to go to the Gallery. It was a wonderful and exciting night that I’ll never forget. A moment that stands out is when I walked out on stage to introduce the video. The love, support and enthusiasm coming from you was amazing and overwhelming; I felt my heart fill up with love and gratitude!


I was so happy to share with you Grandpa Ray’s legacy of love and connection and “introduce” you to him through the music and video. I was so proud to show you my Dad’s part as the farmer. Seeing the video on the big screen was powerful and I was surprised at how emotional I was in that moment, even though I’d seen the video so many times.

Playing and singing with the band was such a blessing. I promised to “sing my heart out for you” and “lay it all out there”. It’s scary to be so transparent, but so important to share with you my musical vision and the healing power of music.

This is the reason I do what I do. Because of all of YOU!

You gave back to me such beautiful feedback! I received over 70 e-mails, text and posts from you, my community. I’ve gathered them as reminders and affirmations of your love and support; taking them in as big juicy hugs!


Here is a sampling of those affirmations:

“Your video, your voice, your soul, I am humbled. You sing like a goddess!”

“You rocked down the house! Love, love, love your music and love the songs you wrote!”

“You and your songs are beautiful…connected…present…inspiring…awesome…amazing…touching…a blessing…gorgeous…poignant…phenomenal…fantastic…stunning…moving..pure spirit…passionate..emotional…authentic…courageous…exciting and heartfelt!”

The night would not be complete without some special thank you’s: Katie Campbell on background vocals, lifted my voice and allowed me to soar, thank you Katie! The band was phenomenal! Thanks to Kevin King – piano, Mick Taras – guitars, Eric Marcia- dobro, Paul Alexander Gonzalez – percussion and Jonathan Ahrens- bass .

Thank you Katayoun Amini for moderating the Q & A so thoughtfully and bringing out the heart and integrity of the message in the song. Thank you David and Ruby Sketchley, my dear friends and directors of the video, for coming to support me and be a part of the Q & A and the music; it made the night so special!

Been A Long Time

I’m Thrilled To Finally Share “Been A Long Time”!

Get Your Copy Now!

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The Video Is Up And Running On YouTube!

Tonight Is The Night!

As if I weren’t excited enough, all of YOUR excitement for the Release Party is amping me up!! Cannot wait!!! The band and I have been practicing and preparing for a wonderful night of music, just for YOU!

This Owl came to visit my Dad’s farm last October. The Owl is the bringer of wisdom and intuition and reminds me to listen to that “still small voice” inside. That’s what inspires me when I sing and write songs.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Come tonight for hugs and some soul feeding, healing music, straight from my heart to yours!

Love, Christine


As if I weren’t excited enough, all of YOUR excitement for the Release Party is amping me up!! Cannot wait!!! The band and I have been practicing and preparing for a wonderful night of music, just for YOU! It’s going to be a night good for the soul, yours and mine too!

Watch The Release Party Video!

Here’s what’s happening! We will premiere the video on the big screen at El Cid, followed by a Q & A with video directors David Sketchley and Ruby Sketchley of Tiny Octopus Productions, moderated by actress, writer and producer Katayoun Amini.

Then I’ll sing my heart out for you, backed up by an amazing band!

Christine Rosander – vocals, piano
Mick Taras – guitar(s)
Eric Marcia – guitar, dobro, mandolin
Kevin King – piano/keyboard
Jonathan Ahrens – bass
Paul Alexander Gonzalez – drums, percussion
Katie Campbell – vocals
Special Guest – Ruby Sketchley – vocals

Thank you all! All the love and positive feedback has me feeling super grateful!! Leave me any notes or messages here: I love to hear from you!

Grandpa Ray

“Been a Long Time”, celebrates my grandfather, Ray Rosander, and the need we all have to connect with each other.

I was asking questions about who anchors us — to family, to love, and who connects us to the earth. For me that person is Grandpa Ray. He was a simple man, a farmer, but he taught so much about life by his example.

When I began to write the song “Been A Long Time”, the first lines came immediately, thinking of Grandpa’s hands. Grandpa had farmer’s hands; “When I think of you I think of your hands, strong, worn and brown suntan”. Next the chorus came easily; “Oh, it’s been a long time, but you are still on my mind”. Grandpa left a legacy of love that is still with me, no matter how many years go by.


I got a little stuck writing the second verse. For inspiration I decided to pull out my Grandpa’s eulogy, which was tucked away in my file cabinet. My cousin Debra Alsberge had written the eulogy and read it at Grandpa’s service, with her two sons, Joey and Matt, at her side. It was straight from the heart, giving a real sense of who Grandpa was and expressed everything I felt and wanted to say. I always treasured the eulogy and now, reading it gave me an idea for the lines of the second verse. “When I was a child I learned I could count on you. You didn’t mind my questions, always easy to talk to.”

Recently I had to write promo material about “Been A Long Time” for the release, a kind of “bio” for the song. I decided to pull out the eulogy again for inspiration. For some reason, that morning, I decided to scan and email the eulogy to my cousin Debra, as it suddenly occurred to me she probably didn’t have a copy. Almost immediately she called and turns out, she hadn’t seen the eulogy since the day of Grandpa’s service in 1995. She asked when I decided to send it to her, which was just that morning, in the spur of the moment. Then she told me that the night before, she woke up in the middle of the night feeling distressed. She was praying and meditating and after a while, she called out to Grandma and Grandpa, asking, “Are you there, are you listening?” The next morning the eulogy arrived in her inbox; an answer to her prayer “Are you there, are you listening?” Grandpa was someone who could always be counted on to be himself and connecting with his memory has been healing. It allows me to connect with my authentic self, to remember who I am and my soul’s purpose. ” The song is my prayer for listeners. I hope that you may experience the healing power of music and be reminded of what is really important in life.

Read Grandpa Ray’s Eulogy here.

Read the lyrics here.

I’m busting with excitement over here! The Release Party is only 10 days away! I want YOU to join me at El Cid, February 16th for a spectacular and fun night!

Watch the “Invitation Video”.

Can you find the stories in the eulogy where I drew inspiration for the lyrics? Is there someone in your life who inspires you, who anchors you and connects you to the important things in life? I’d love to hear from you!

Been A Long Time
When we are aligned with Spirit, doors open!

I’m excited to share that “Been A Long Time”, The Official Music Video is featured in The Huffington Post!

Journalist, Mike Ragogna, the “Music Biz Vet” is doing an exclusive premiere of the video in his column on The Huffington Post. I’m open to new possibilities and excited about how God will use my music and grateful for this opportunity to let my light shine to the world!

The reaction to the video has already been amazing! I’m hearing things like, “The emotions are overpowering; you feel it in the music and in your voice and in the scenes” and “It truly brought tears to my eyes and reminds me of family”. I am so inspired! I’m inspired by the love that comes full circle and directly from the heart.

My songs are a form of prayer and “Been A Long Time” is my prayer for you. I hope you experience the healing power of music and are reminded of what is really important in life — the people we love and how we can make a difference in the world.

Read the article and WATCH THE VIDEO!


Only 2 and 1/2 weeks until the “Been A Long Time” Release Party at El Cid in Los Angeles!

Join me on February 16th and be a part of this spectacular night! I can’t wait to see YOU and share the songs, stories and the inspiration behind them!

Release Party on El Cid’s Calendar

Please share and comment here!

I’d LOVE to hear from YOU, to hear your thoughts and feelings about the video! It means a lot to me, so don’t be shy!

Been A Long Time

I’m so happy to show you a preview of the “Been A Long Time” single cover, which will be released on February 16th! I just love it and it’s so fun revealing each part to you!

The photo shoot for “Been A Long Time” was last October on a unique property called, Casa Encantada, nestled in the coastal hills of Malibu. I found Casa Encantada through good friend Apryl Lundsten, who is getting married there this year. It was perfect location for my shoot because it has lots of rustic charm. My photographer Albane Navizet and make-up artist Sara Chameides hiked up and down the three acres of hillsides to find perfect spots to shoot. With lots laughter and fun we were able to capture the feeling and inspiration of the music in the photographs.

Blue Denim Red Bandana

The Release Party is less than one month away! Remember to SAVE THE DATE! February 16th at 7:30 p.m. at El Cid in Los Angeles. Everyday, with the planning of the night, pieces are falling effortlessly into place; I truly feel Spirit at work! The evening is going to be spectacular and I want you to be a part of it with me!

Watch the Trailer and please share it with friends!


Save the Date! February 16th

I’m so excited; the release of the video and single, “Been A Long Time” is finally on the horizon! We will celebrate with a premiere of the video on the big screen at El Cid in Los Angeles! Put this on your calendar now and start inviting friends! After the screening of the video, I’ll sing for you, backed up by an amazing band! I can’t wait for you to hear all the new songs and share the stories and inspiration behind them.

Here is story and inspiration behind “Been A Long Time”

Who is your anchor? Who is the person that connects you to family, to love and to the earth?

For me that person is my Grandpa Ray Rosander. Grandpa Ray was a simple man, a farmer, but he taught so much about life by his example. He had a friendly, easy-going way and a deep spiritual love of life. He wasn’t tied to material things. He was proud of his small domain and the ability to provide for his family.

I went through some tough years. I lost myself in an abusive marriage and was left filled with self-doubt and fear. Connecting with Grandpa’s memory has been healing. I’m reminded of what’s really important in life and that I am surrounded with love. Grandpa Ray was someone who could always be counted on to be himself and writing “Been a Long Time” allowed me to connect with my authentic self and remember who I am.

Producing the music video for “Been a Long Time” brought the song to life in an even more powerful way. We used old film clips of Grandpa Ray interwoven with current shots of my Dad as the farmer. The story, location and music came together effortlessly. I truly felt Spirit at work.

“Been a Long Time” is my prayer for listeners. I hope that you may experience the healing power of music and be reminded of what is really important in life.

Of who anchors you. Of the person that connects you to the earth, to family and to love.

Mom directs FBC choir

When I was a little girl; I loved to sing. I especially loved singing with my Mom and spending time with her. Mom shared with me the music in her heart and I took to it instantly. We had “music time” together, and she taught me songs, “On The Good Ship Lollipop” is one I remember, Shirley Temple being a favorite. I loved the feeling of singing, the physical sensation of my voice lifting and soaring up to the high notes. I also loved that singing allowed me to dream and fantasize and tell stories. I loved singing harmonies with Mom. She later told me this was unusual for such a little girl, to hear and sing those harmonies, but I was enamored with the sound and it came naturally. I remember in first grade, my teacher Mrs. Smith taught us patriotic songs like “America The Beautiful”. I wasn’t shy at all and let it rip, singing loudly above the other children and loving the feeling of letting my voice soar.

Going to church was a big part of my family’s life and I am so grateful for this part of my upbringing. My Mom was the choir director and had me singing solos at a very early age. I don’t remember the exact title of the song, but remember singing at a Sunday evening service, “Oh be careful little feet where you go…” and I wasn’t nervous at all, it was just fun! Singing at church was such an amazing experience and the songs came into every cell of my being. A deep knowing took place: a soul connection with music and God. I learned that singing could be a prayer and lift spirits, of those singing and those listening alike.

A few years ago I came across a picture of my Mom directing the choir at Elk Grove First Baptist Church. This is such a gem of a picture, capturing a precious moment in time. You can see, on each face, the enthusiasm with which they are singing; they are singing their hearts out. Some with heads thrown back, letting it rip, feeling their voices soar. Some of the singers in the picture, including Mommy, have gone on to heaven. I believe they are still singing in a heavenly choir; lifting spirits; soaring and singing their hearts out.

These days I sing at the Methodist church in the Pacific Palisades. One of my favorite and most fun things I get to do is sing harmonies with Joel Dalton. Here we are singing “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”.

Do you remember when music first touched your heart? Have you ever experienced the feeling of soaring; your spirits lifted by song? Where else in life do you “let it rip” so you too can soar? Do you recognize friends and family in the picture of the FBC choir? I would love to hear your stories, your thoughts and experiences.