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It’s About The Healing Power Of Love

Christine Rosander Sings About The Healing Power Of Love

Been A Long Time

Gorgeous Album Of Emotions

Out January 26, 2018

On her own, Devcat Records

“A seductive singing temptress with a natural captivating power…” – the late Dr. Herb Wong

“Christine Rosander is a talented songwriter with a real point of view.” – Joe Henry

“A bright light and a songwriter with plenty to say.” – Mary Gauthier

Some people are literally born to make music. One of those people is singer/songwriter Christine Rosander. Lest anyone write that off as just another cliché, consider this. Her mother was a piano teacher, singer, and a college voice major even while she was pregnant with Christine.

“…Christine Rosander, who possesses a very clear and appealing voice (along with a wide range), can hold long notes without wavering, improvising with subtlety while uplifting the material she performs.” – Music Connection

Those early lessons must have reached the womb, because today, with the impending release of her new album, the appropriately titled Been A Long Time, out on January 26, 2018, on Devcat Records, Christine Rosander fulfills a promise hinted at early on. They extend from her initial encounter with the music she was surrounded with at church to the lessons learned from her beloved grandfather. Her beloved Grandpa Ray, taught her to heed the bonds between life, love and family — and her voice teacher, Perla Warren, who showed her how to take a song and make it on her own, giving Christine a gift that’s resonated with her ever since.

“Been A Long Time”

“Grandpa Ray was a farmer and had a great love of life, the land, and his family. He was a grounding and loving influence. There was a time I was in so much doubt and fear as I began to write the song, and it was restorative. I remembered who I am and my soul’s calling.” – CR

Now an accomplished musician and teacher, Christine remembers the gift given her by her early mentors and strives to pass them forward.

“Every morning, I wake up and thank God for the two mentors who inspired me to sing,” she says. “One of my fondest memories growing up was my mother’s love for music. Notes drifted through the house like the scent of warm cookies baking. I heard singing, classical piano, music lessons, choir practice, records playing and it all became the soundtrack to my life. Mom helped me see the instrumental role music played to the heart, and to life itself.”

“Later in college, my mother passed the baton to Perla Warren. It was here my world broadened. I soaked in jazz and was introduced to the new world of freedom and creativity improvisation brought. Working with Mrs. Warren gave me the courage to say that I had found my life’s calling.”

“Honey For My Soul”

“My mom’s spirit came through in the writing of this song. It’s truly a gift to me. It captures her elegance and beauty and is a celebration of all she taught me about music and the sweetness of life.” – CR

That commitment and dedication, and the ongoing inspiration shared by all her mentors reside at the heart of Been A Long Time, a set of songs graced by Christine’s emotive vocals and superior songcraft. Blending the emotional eloquence of Carole King and the storytelling prowess of Jackson Browne and James Taylor, it shares her heartfelt sentiments in ways that are both eloquent and engaging. The title track itself resonates simply and succinctly, a touching testimonial to those who offered their wisdom as she traversed her life’s journey. The tender track “Love Remains” offers testament to those bonds, which remain at the core of her conviction. Another beautiful ballad, “Love Me the Way I Am,” finds her sharing herself unapologetically, asking for that gift which we all crave — acceptance and appreciation for the things that make us all unique. The infectious, gospel inspired “Honey for my Soul” shares the many magical memories that set her off on her journey while the tender and touching “My Heart Believes It’s So” and “You Made Me Who I Am” sum up those sentiments and the passion and purpose gained along the way.

Aside from surrounding herself with a talented group of musicians, chief among them, Doug Petty (Piano, Accordion), Edwin Livingston (Bass), Paul Alexander Gonzalez (Drums and Percussion), Mick Taras (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin), and Aaron Sterling (Drums and Percussion). Christine sings lead vocals, plays piano and shares production credits with Mick Taras. The album was engineered and mixed by Talley Sherwood at Tritone Recording in Los Angeles and mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering, Ringwood, NJ.

Winner of the Independent Vocalist of the Year honors at the Los Angeles Music Awards for her jazz interpretation of “There Is A Balm In Gilead” (culled from her acclaimed first album, Smooth Ride); Christine grew up in Northern California embraced by a church-going family. She began studying classical piano at the age of four and later took up pop and jazz performance. She subsequently earned her bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Commercial Composing and Arranging from Cal State Long Beach and later became the first vocalist to earn a Masters degree from USC in Jazz Studies. Since then she’s practiced her craft singing in choirs and a cappella groups, and as a soloist and pianist in both small and large venues. Also, she’s taught music privately for more 20 years and holds membership in SAG-AFTRA and the Music Teacher’s Association of California.

“It is my heart and soul’s purpose that I give my all to my students,” she says. “Inspired by my wonderful teachers, I want to pass on the love affair with music I’ve had the opportunity to experience.” – CR

Her journey hasn’t always been easy. An abusive marriage left her filled with self-doubt and fear. It’s her art, ability and the gifts given her by those who left a meaningful imprint on her life that drives her and inspires her to share her talents with others.

“Soul And Bone”

“The title came on a long phone conversation with my cousin Debbie, one of my co-writers. We were talking about when you go through so much grief and loss, everything falls away, and all that’s left is your authentic self, just soul, and bone. What would it feel like to lose everything and still keep your dignity, your integrity and the true essence of yourself?” – CR

“I’ve realized that everything good about my life, everything important to me, has nothing anymore to do with painful memories or experiences,” she insists. “I have been transformed in many ways. I believe in myself and write songs. I’ve regained my self-worth. I remember who I am and all I have to offer the world. I remember my roots and family, who were so special and wonderful. I remember the artists I listened to and loved and was guided by, as I hope to guide others. This is where I come from; this is my hope, my commitment, my authentic self.”