Teaching is an honor, privilege and a blessing for me.

TeachingFor the past 20 years, I wake up and thank God for this opportunity to show up and serve. But I do way more than teach; through music, I help shift mindsets and limiting beliefs. I help folks turn “I can’t” into “I’m doing it.”

When music inspires and uplifts you, it is no longer just a lesson, but something my students look forward to each week. The rewards go beyond the classroom and begin to affect the person’s outlook on life. When we are shown that we can do for ourselves what we thought was previously impossible, we begin to hold our heads higher, our confidence naturally builds and the way we interact with others changes.

I teach from inside out. If you want more information on the fancy credentials, I have those too. You can read about them here.

Don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say about their experience. As my momma told me, music leads a straight path to the heart, and to life itself. I have her and Mrs. Warren, my beloved mentor in college, to thank for living my soul’s purpose. Read more about my mentors, Mom and Mrs. Warren here.

Let’s go make some crazy beautiful music together and turn your dreams into a reality!

Email me to set up a lesson.
Or call me to set up a lesson: (424) 234-8032

Lessons in the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles or worldwide via Skype. All ages and levels, beginning and professional welcome.

Christine Rosander is a member of Music Teachers’ Association of California and currently a board member. Her students participate in Certificate of Merit in both piano and voice. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and also a Steinway Educational Partner. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Cal State Long Beach and a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from USC. With 20 years experience, she is an accomplished artist in her own right and has a unique gift as a teacher.