TeachingTeaching is an honor, privilege and a blessing for me.

For the past 20 years, I wake up and thank God for this opportunity to show up and serve. But I do way more than teach; through music, I help shift mindsets and limiting beliefs. I help folks turn “I can’t” into “I’m doing it.”

When music inspires and uplifts you, it is no longer just a lesson, but something my students look forward to each week. The rewards go beyond the classroom and begin to affect the person’s outlook on life. When we are shown that we can do for ourselves what we thought was previously impossible, we begin to hold our heads higher, our confidence naturally builds and the way we interact with others changes.

I teach from inside out. If you want more information on the fancy credentials, I have those too. Read about them here.

Don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say about their experience. As my momma told me, music leads a straight path to the heart, and to life itself. I have her and Mrs. Warren, my beloved mentor in college, to thank for living my soul’s purpose. Read more about my mentors, Mom and Mrs. Warren here.

Let’s go make some crazy beautiful music together and turn your dreams into a reality!

Email me to set up a lesson.
Or call me to set up a lesson: (424) 234-8032

Lessons in the Miracle Mile, Los Angeles or worldwide via Skype. All ages and levels, beginning and professional welcome.

Christine Rosander is a member of Music Teachers’ Association of California and currently a board member. Her students participate in Certificate of Merit in both piano and voice. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and also a Steinway Educational Partner. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Cal State Long Beach and a Master’s degree in Jazz Studies from USC. With 20 years experience, she is an accomplished artist in her own right and has a unique gift as a teacher.

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Rena OwenRena Owen

I am not a professional singer, I am known for my acting work, so when I booked a big audition that required me to learn a piece of sheet music, I needed professional help, and a lot of it! I contacted the brilliant Christine Rosander. Besides being an accomplished singer, songwriter and pianist, Christine is a Natural Born Teacher! A consummate professional, she is an intuitive, astute, sensitive, gentle Teacher who cares very deeply about what she does and her students. Especially appreciated by this amateur, Christine meets you where you are without judgment. She helped to alleviate my fears, inspired confidence, and instilled a much-needed sense of joy in doing the work! Whether you are a beginner like me or a seasoned professional, you will benefit tremendously from Christine's life long dedication to her passion and also from the very beautiful human being that she is! Two big super fat thumbs up!

William Allen, age 11William Allen, age 11

I have been taking piano lessons with Christine since I was 7.  I was afraid she would be a mean and scary teacher, but she was the complete opposite.  She is always really nice and kind to her students. Even if I don't practice as much, she reminds me how important practice is and how it helps me get better.  And she's right!  Whenever we have a recital I practice a lot more and see a big difference in how I perform.  I can't imagine taking piano lessons with any other teacher!

Hillary KesslerHillary Kessler

Lexi has a beautiful voice, an ability to memorize lyrics easily and an "ear" for music. She also has autism. Until Lexi began to work weekly with Christine, she was unable to successfully process information, take direction, and transition from activity to activity (including singing a song) without a great deal of support. With the patient and loving guidance of Christine, along with the healing power of music, Lexi has blossomed and found her "voice”.

Rumi ShikamaRumi Shikama

Studying voice with Christine, I have overcome my fear of singing in front of others. I’m surprised to be singing naturally, in a relaxed mood, overcoming the fear and shyness of singing. I enjoy singing now, being inspired by Christine’s beautiful voice and charming personality. She is a teacher who knows how to get her method working for you, to develop your talent. Voice lessons with her are highly recommended.

Ruth Stone-HoltRuth Stone-Holt

I am blessed to have found Christine. She is gentle, kind and extremely encouraging.
I started back to college, for voice, just a year ago and already have been in my first opera. The majority of credit, for getting me ready for my first opera, goes to her. She worked overtime with me and it showed. Now, a new semester and fresh auditions await me. I have full confidence that I will do well with her guidance and help. Thank you so much Christine.

Bob BrodeBob Brode

My son Nick has a fondness for music and potential as a singer, but is also on the autism spectrum. Ms. Rosander has worked with him with great success despite his disability -- with skill, empathy, and encouragement. (And persistence!) He looks forward to lessons and willingly practices. Her wide musical knowledge and expertise as an accompanist are much appreciated.

Diane Cyr ThompsonDiane Cyr Thompson

We've seen Maisie blossom musically the past 8 years. I didn't know how special Christine's teaching was until Maisie auditioned for a music ensemble at her school. The teacher admired her hand placement and fingering technique, saying that many kids learn bad habits by focusing on popular songs instead of the classics. I truly appreciate that Christine cuts no corners in teaching music. Maisie's skills, confidence, discipline and love of piano is a testament to her.

Nancy SolomonNancy Solomon

Christine is a wonderful teacher who has given me the confidence to sing!  She is also a highly accomplished piano player and an added benefit of my lessons is getting to listen to her play.  I've also had the pleasure of meeting many of her students, many of whom she has taught for years, and they obviously admire and enjoy learning from her as much as I do.  I can't recommend Christine as a teacher enough.

David Ida, Steinway & Sons, Beverly HillsDavid Ida, Steinway & Sons, Beverly Hills

Christine Rosander brought her students to perform in our recital space in May 2015.
I observed how her students from the youngest to her adults had an understanding of the piece that they performed. I was impressed that every level played with attention to tempo and tone production. I have hosted many recitals over a 30+ year period. It is heartwarming to see a studio so musically balanced.

Trelana AllenTrelana Allen

Christine Rosander is a talented musician herself and her love and dedication to music is apparent in her teaching.  She has a well-rounded approach that focuses on theory, technique and artistry and performance.  Christine takes a genuine interest in her students and their families.  It can be seen at recitals where students of all levels perform with great skill and enthusiasm.  I am always blown away by the progress all the students make each year.  Christine is an incredibly patient, caring and supportive teacher.  She strikes the right balance of rigor and gentleness. My son William has truly flourished under her instruction! To say Christine is an amazing piano teacher is an understatement. We feel so blessed to have found her!