In Flow With Spirit

Foreman's Cottage

Did you ever notice that when we are in flow with the Spirit, things seem to fall into place quickly and easily, without much effort? What does it mean to be in flow with the Spirit? For me it means trusting and listening to that “still small voice” and having faith that God has my back. When I let go, it seems that the entire universe conspires to help me.

That’s exactly what happened in the planning of my music video. My dear friends, David and Ruby Sketchley, of Tiny Octopus Productions, were scouting locations just a few weeks before the shoot date. We’d been talking about two different songs and we were actually leaning toward another song when they went to a barn location in Winters, CA. They called me immediately to say the location was “jaw dropping beautiful” and perfect for my song “Been A Long Time” which was inspired by my Grandpa Ray. David and Ruby said the property was reminiscent of my Grandpa Ray’s farm, complete with barn, a Foreman’s Cottage, which was a little farmhouse with picket fence, a vegetable garden, a tractor, fig orchard and surrounding alfalfa fields.

To make the synchronicity complete, David and Ruby said that we needed someone to portray the farmer and mentioned using an actor. I said, “Well how about my Dad!” Who better to capture the emotion and power behind Grandpa Ray’s legacy than his son and best friend, my Daddy. So with just minimal arm-twisting he agreed to be in the video. Everything came full circle and fell into place so naturally and now in retrospect, it’s easy to see that “Been A Long Time” is the perfect choice for my video. The song shares my roots and the place in my heart where the songs come from. I’m so grateful to have experienced this with David, Ruby and my Dad, who were all part of God’s plan. That’s what can happen when we get in flow with Spirit!

I would love to hear what has happened for you when you get in flow with Spirit; please share your thoughts and experiences below!

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  1. Wow! Just reading this brings tears of rememberence to my eyes. I remember the good times at Ray & Ruby’s farm as well. Those days back in Kingsburg are SO precious. Early morning horseback rides, swimming in the ditch, hanging out in the yard, exploring the barn, & that georgous little white house – those were truly the good old days. Great memories of great people & places!

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