You can “Get on the Love Train” + Album Teaser!

Hello My Music Family,

Are you all ready for the holidays?  It’s been a whirlwind here as we finally finished up the mixing of the album and now getting ready to send the songs into mastering.  In midst of all of the holiday rush, I was reminded to slow down and savor the moments; at least the pretty big ones for me this year- the IndieGogo Campaign, recording the album and now mixing and mastering. Each step has had it’s challenges and I have been trying to take deep breaths in between each step— acknowledging how far I’ve come.  A year ago, this was just a dream that I had!  My 2016 goal was to manifest this into reality.

What have been some of your biggest dreams and desires this year?  I’ve learned along the way, that the steps of the journey are just as important as the end result and sometimes even more so.   No matter what size our goals are, having faith, and feeling the fear and the desire to control outcomes are things we all struggle with.  Even me!  2016 has been a huge year for me; opening up to your love and support and receiving; learning that giving and receiving are equally important.

You have all taught me so much this year with your kindness, support, texts, emails and calls.  I was just looking at a video out-take from our studio session and wow—the song sure packs a punch, the power of hearing the song reminded me that I wasn’t alone; I carried all of you with me that morning into the recording studio.  Here is a sneak peek, album teaser along with some gallery shots.

So as we near the 2 weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah, I just want to say again a big THANK YOU and how much you mean to me.  I had a chance to meet some of you at a house party perk that was redeemed last weekend in Los Angeles.  It was so much fun to incorporate some holiday jingles into the set.  Please know that I am still working on the rest of the perks and haven’t forgotten.  Even though the campaign is over, if you have someone you would like to purchase gifts for —our album makes a great stocking stuffer!

We are getting close to the finish line, and still have a few things we need to raise funds for, the production of the physical CD, along with artwork and a publicist for the release.  You can still pre-order the album and I’m offering the perks Get on the Love Train and An evening from my heart to yours”.  Read about these amazing perks below and click on the link to become a co-creator and part of this album.

I am so grateful for you!

All My Love,


Smooth Ride – $25

2 signed copies of my CD Smooth Ride, sent directly to your door from yours truly!  Perfect for stocking stuffers! 12 beautiful tracks including original songs like “Cattle Press”, “Kitten”, “Boxer”, and gospel hymn “Balm in Gilead” that will lift your spirits and warm your heart. Plus my eternal love & gratitude always!  Get this perk here.

Super Deluxe – $40

You get a limited edition CD of “Been a Long Time” including more extensive artwork than the regular release, including a lyric book insert, which the regular release will not have, along with the digital trio: 3 songs from the CD you will receive by email within 24 hours, and a digital advance copy of the album before the physical release.  Plus my eternal love & gratitude forever and always! Get this perk here.

Get on the Love Train – $150

Not only do you get the Super Deluxe CD signed with a personal love note from me, which is a limited edition of “Been a Long Time” including more extensive artwork than the regular release, YOUR NAME will appear in the THANK YOU CREDITS of the lyric book insert.  Ooo la la!  Plus you’ll receive a digital copy of the CD + a tote bag with the album artwork + my eternal love & gratitude forever and always!  Get this perk here.

An evening from my heart to yours – $1500

House Concert – Get ready for a celebratory evening of heart felt serenades for you and your guests in your home or venue of choice (LA or Elk Grove, my hometown!) Guaranteed Goosebumps from powerful lyrics! Travel/hotel not included in cost for other areas. Plus a digital copy of the CD + a signed copy of the CD + a tote bag with album artwork + a thank you in credits + my eternal love & gratitude forever and always!  Get this perk here and contact me for info/arrangements.

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