New Single Out Today! “Honey For My Soul”

Dear Music Family,

I am thrilled today to share the link for my single. “Honey For My Soul” from my upcoming full album BEEN A LONG TIME”.  The full album will be released on January 26 and is available for pre-order now on iTunes.  When you pre-order the album you will instantly receive the single, “Honey For My Soul”.

“Honey For My Soul” is a song about my sweet momma.  It shares the many magical memories that set me off on my journey.

“My mom’s spirit came through in the writing of this song. It’s truly a gift to me. It captures her elegance and beauty and is a celebration of all she taught me about music and the sweetness of life.” – CR

“Honey For My Soul is an infectious and gospel inspired song.  My mom would have loved it, she’d always tell me to sing upbeat songs!

My friend must be feeling it too!  She texted me yesterday, announcing,“I have an ear worm!”  

After a few funny, back and forth texts about what on earth an earworm was, she texted…

“I think I’m anticipating a certain album launch tomorrow because I keep hearing  “Honey For My Soul”!!!  Gonna have to learn the words because I keep singing it over and over in my head!  Love that song!” –J

I’ve always felt I was literally born to make music.  And if you think that’s just another cliché, consider this, my mother was a piano teacher, singer, and a college voice major even while she was pregnant with me!

I’m so grateful for my mom’s love, music and inspiration.  I am also grateful for YOU!  Thank you for being a part of my music family and being on this journey with me.

You inspire me to fulfill my soul’s purpose and I couldn’t do this without you!

I can’t wait to share with you more about the album and all the songs!

Stay tuned next week for more exciting things coming down the pike, (hint, hint…album trailer!).


Until then,
Stay Merry & Bright,


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