Songs of Love, Commitment and Important Connections

My Dear Music Family,

Everywhere I went today I saw hearts.  Hearts made of chocolate, balloons, and plush teddy bears holding hearts. It’s hard not to notice Valentine’s Day is but a day away.  I thought about the man I saw standing next to the freeway on-ramp, selling bunches of red roses.  Commerce in every part of this crowded Metropolis.  There are so many stories and opportunities to talk about love, even here.  What is his connection to love?  Will he be saving one of those bouquets for someone he loves?

I’m having a contest/giveaway for Valentine’s Day!  On Saturday, I posted on FB Live to tell you about it.  I asked a question about my song “Love Remains” (What hymn is included in the song…hint-hint, listen to the piano solo) and for a nomination of someone you’d like to win a signed CD and tote bag.

I was blown away by the responses I received…

“Never would I have imagined a mother and daughter would be widows together. I lovingly nominate my daughter.”

“I lost both parents in the summer of 2016. “Love Remains” is a comforting song to listen to. A dear friend just lost her father. She would benefit from your inspirational recording.”

The depth of the share and the proof that love remains is a beautiful affirmation.   It transforms this commercial celebration day of love, into a true honoring of love…every day.  

I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to show my love…my love via my actions, my words and especially sharing my songs with all of you who are dear to my heart.

Listen to “Love Remains”

Exciting news! A new review is hot off the press!

It gives me goosebumps when I find someone who feels the same way I do, especially someone I have yet to meet!  Greg Victor at captured the essence of the album perfectly.  Reading the review felt like sitting next to a kindred spirit!

Here’s a bit of the review…

“They are songs of love, commitment and the important connections in one’s life, and Rosander proves that she is one of the most heartfelt artists around. When she sings, you trust every word (and note), and just want to turn the volume up and carry on with renewed hope.” 

You can read the rest of the review here. Thank you for believing in my album!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to enter the “Love Remains” contest, there’s still time to do so!  Go to the post and leave me a comment with your answer and nomination.

And if you haven’t had a chance to listen to “Love Remains”, you can listen here and please subscribe for future updates.

Watch for a new video in your inbox tomorrow!

Until then,
Love, Christine

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