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And speaking of the real deal, come hear the album played LIVE at the Official Album Release Show!

Friday Jan 26th SAVE THE DATE:
It’s the official album release show at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles!  Music starts at 9:30pm. Intimate, live, acoustic, all ages!

This will be a magical night and I want to share it with YOU! Plus it’s a perfect time to come to sunny Los Angeles and get out of the cold!  Get your tickets HERE!

Wow, where is the time going? 11 days until Christmas!

Stay tuned for more exciting news! (Hint, hint…radio, interviews and reviews!)

Been a Long Time Album Cover

Until then,
Stay Merry & Bright,


Dear Music Family,

I am thrilled today to share the link for my single. “Honey For My Soul” from my upcoming full album BEEN A LONG TIME”.  The full album will be released on January 26 and is available for pre-order now on iTunes.  When you pre-order the album you will instantly receive the single, “Honey For My Soul”.

“Honey For My Soul” is a song about my sweet momma.  It shares the many magical memories that set me off on my journey.

“My mom’s spirit came through in the writing of this song. It’s truly a gift to me. It captures her elegance and beauty and is a celebration of all she taught me about music and the sweetness of life.” – CR

“Honey For My Soul is an infectious and gospel inspired song.  My mom would have loved it, she’d always tell me to sing upbeat songs!

My friend must be feeling it too!  She texted me yesterday, announcing,“I have an ear worm!”  

After a few funny, back and forth texts about what on earth an earworm was, she texted…

“I think I’m anticipating a certain album launch tomorrow because I keep hearing  “Honey For My Soul”!!!  Gonna have to learn the words because I keep singing it over and over in my head!  Love that song!” –J

I’ve always felt I was literally born to make music.  And if you think that’s just another cliché, consider this, my mother was a piano teacher, singer, and a college voice major even while she was pregnant with me!

I’m so grateful for my mom’s love, music and inspiration.  I am also grateful for YOU!  Thank you for being a part of my music family and being on this journey with me.

You inspire me to fulfill my soul’s purpose and I couldn’t do this without you!

I can’t wait to share with you more about the album and all the songs!

Stay tuned next week for more exciting things coming down the pike, (hint, hint…album trailer!).


Until then,
Stay Merry & Bright,


My Dear Music Family,

Happy Thursday! I hope your week has been good so far. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just one week away! I have SO much to be thankful for. I am still coming down from the show at Hotel Café this past Sunday night. It was SO amazing!

I prepared and planned and rehearsed for the show and then when I got up on stage, all of a sudden, I didn’t know what I was going to say! I prayed right before the show began. I said “God, please give me the words” and all of a sudden, there it was and everything flowed. I felt SO supported, not knowing what was coming next and you know what? Spirit was right there with me. I have never felt so at ease before or during a show! Even when I played the piano— playing live while performing has made me a bit nervous in the past, but Sunday night, I was totally comfortable. I stayed in the zone and my mind didn’t go to all of the things it usually would have. Being a solopreneur, I sometimes wear many hats. But Sunday night, I didn’t have to! I felt uplifted and I STILL DO!

And I wasn’t the only one! A dear friend who was there that night must have felt it too, as she emailed me this morning:

“Wonderful Wonderful! Christine: Have you recovered? It was a fantastic night. Your singing was gorgeous, songs so meaningful. I loved the way it opened with the two songs connected to each other. And just loved the way all the songs fit together. LOVED Soul and Bone. So powerful. My friends just thought your voice was gorgeous and loved the evening as we all did. I loved the band and the rapport and love you have for each other. Loved the stories about the musicians. Loved the way you said “ok, take two, I guess we just weren’t ready.” You were so confident and easy. You must be so tired. I hope you are as happy about it as we all were. CONGRATULATIONS. It was wonderful. Oh, and of course, on a trivial note…I LOVED loved your dress. Who made it? But, mostly the songs, your singing, the music, was just fantastic and it all worked together.
Love, J.”

How beautiful and in alignment this all feels! The message I keep getting is to stay open, keep going and enjoy the moment. With that, I have exciting news! My album is now available for Pre-order! It’s a perfect gift for a soulful friend or family member on your holiday list. –As a dear friend said below, it’s sooooo good. 🙂

“You were PHENOMENAL tonight. I’m a little bit obsessed with these songs. Hard Habit…Someone is definitely going to put this song in a movie. It’s sooooo good.” — Ross

Someone pinch me 🙂 please! I am sending my love this pre-Thanksgiving weekend wherever you may be, along with my gratitude for your support. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Been a Long Time Album Cover

Carry your hearts with me,

Only 3 days until the Hotel Café Show, Sunday 11/12 at 7pm!

Get your tickets HERE, just a few left! I will be launching the new album campaign plus I have exciting news! I will have a few advanced copies of the CD with me, just for you! And you can get your perks from the Indiegogo campaign along with a big hug from me!

I can’t believe the show is only a few days away! Last Thursday, we came together to rehearse. It’s been a while since we all gathered together in the studio. Sometimes I forget how the songs have a life of their own, they (the songs) know what they want to be. It feels like a huge download from Spirit, the words come pouring through – my heart vs. my brain. The songs are deeply personal and document the journey I’ve gone through in my life. I realize the songs are healing not only for me, but for others as well…the healing power of love.

When I went to hear the author and speaker, Brene Brown recently, I was reminded about the difference in striving for excellence vs. perfectionism. Doing my best but not focusing on the external things, keeping myself accountable to my soul’s purpose and remembering all the things that are working. I am writing today to share this with you and remind all of us how much life is one big experience, waiting to be lived and loved. Being present to what is, that is more important to me than ever!

So this coming Sunday, I will be baring my soul and singing about the healing power of love at Hotel Café. I hope you will join me… if not physically, you will be there in spirit. With Grandpa Ray, my beloved grandfather, who taught me to heed the bonds between life, love and family – my voice teacher, Mrs. Perla Warren, who showed me how to take a song and make it on my own and my beautiful Momma, who continues to teach me about unconditional love.

Sunday 11/12 SAVE THE DATE:
I will be launching my new album campaign at Hotel Café
Music starts 7pm. Get your tickets HERE as it will sell out!

My music family,

I can’t believe it’s November already! Time continues to fly by. It seems there are more places to be, things to do, commitments—that when the end of the day suddenly appears I sometimes feel like a human doing rather than a human being. Its days like these that music reminds me to SLOW DOWN & SAVOR the things most important to me.

When I slow down, the “doing” fades to black and I find myself at the piano, with Herbie my sidekick by my side, a calming cup of tea and the music. This is how I re-fill my cup and get back to center, with music, with dear friends in my life, with God. Reminding me that control is just an illusion. All the business I’ve had going on with the PR campaign, the upcoming show, and the album release.

What’s important isn’t the logistics of everything getting done.

What’s important is how my heart feels while getting everything ready.

What’s important isn’t getting it all perfect.

What’s important is how I am with myself during the process: am I loving? Encouraging? Compassionate? Gentle? Playful? Joyful?

What ways are you with yourself when you find your days full?

This morning we will be in the studio rehearsing for the show next week.

It will be less about hitting each note perfectly and more about being together with my band mates and putting our souls into the music, the creative collaboration with my music family.

My music grounds me and keeps my feet firmly planted along with family, relationships, friendships and my connection with Spirit.

It’s less about stuff and more about the journey.

Speaking of trips, have you gotten your ticket yet?

In less than 2 weeks, we will be rocking out to a full house at Hotel Cafe. I look back at my last album release show, years ago and how different life is now. I will keep this post short and sweet because more will be revealed during today’s FB live!

Come join us on FB today at 12pm Los Angeles time.

I will be singing the gifts from spirit, so grateful to be a conduit of his love and I look forward to melding that with heaps of my overflowing gratitude for you all-my music family. I hope your day is filled with joy and time for play.

Until then,

Sunday 11/12 SAVE THE DATE:
I will be launching my new album campaign at Hotel Café
#hotelcafe Music starts 7pm. Get your tickets HERE as it will sell out!

Hello friends,

I am back from Americana Fest and it was amazing! Every year my goal is to be in flow and let things unfold. Nashville was no exception. I stayed open to spirit, and the magic continued!

I put my best cowboy boot forward and Jill- my new publicist and I painted the town red. We’ve already started putting strategy in place for my album release. There’s a lot of prep for sure and a little scary!

But I remember that there is something bigger, more important than my fear.  And I can overcome it, with Spirit’s help, with all your love and encouragement and keep myself accountable to my soul’s purpose.

Speaking of magic, one of the most magical and transformational experiences of Americana Fest was hearing singer Bettye LaVette.  Without making any plans one night, my heart led me to the club 12th and Porter.  When I arrived, I ran into Bob Boilen who gracefully took me right up to the front and next thing I knew, we were stage-side. You know when you are experiencing something sacred and special? Well, this was a once in a lifetime moment of moments! Hearing Bettye sing “Worthy” not only reminded me of the lessons with my beloved voice teacher, Mrs. Warren (who taught me not only about music, but also about life itself), it was another confirmation that I am on my path! Mary Gauthier who wrote “Worthy” then appeared next to the stage to film the song.

Mary is one of my songwriting mentors and has inspired me to be my authentic self and to step out and say, “this is my soul’s purpose!”   Her encouragement is THE REASON that I was able to do the Indiegogo campaign and do the big ask and put myself out there.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked up and there she stood holding up her iPhone!

The combo of Bettye and Mary doing “Worthy” was so powerful. Bettye was the vision of strength and passion, singing from her soul. There was no way I could have known I would be in the most perfect place to hear Bettye that night, let alone run into Mary.

When I have so many moments of doubt and fear about taking the next steps, times like this show me what is possible. It was beyond kismet and I was meant to be there! We are ALL WORTHY, like the song title says, just as we are.

The biggest takeaway from my time in Nashville is to continue to trust, be in flow and connect with kindred spirits (like YOU!).

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of my new songs and talking about how they were written, what they mean to me, the stories behind the songs.   I can’t wait to sing my heart out at the Hotel Cafe, like Bettye! Stay tuned for news about my upcoming album release and more live shows.

Meanwhile, watch Mary’s Video here…


We are going to pack the House!  Get your tickets to the Hotel Café now!


“Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing” -Anonymous

And I would add to that quote, I AM ALL IN!  Being open and curious without attachment seems to be the theme lately!  It’s been a while since my last update, but trust me when I say there have been many nights I’ve been sitting here, looking at the computer screen, wanting to hit “send” and wondering where do I even begin to describe the whirlwind of a summer I’ve had?

Well, one thing I know for sure- Spirit has been leading the way. This summer, after much blood, sweat and tears, we finished design and production of the album.  Part of me felt it I was back at the starting line again!  Production-totally hit it out of the ballpark, check!  Now, who is going to get this out into the world?  I felt like the caterpillar that was now getting ready to transform into a butterfly.  It is time for my debut, but what kind of debut?

Where would I feel most at home? I was told Folk Acoustic, maybe Adult Contemporary? Americana? Singer-Songwriter? Go broad or niche?

My search for the perfect PR agency to help birth this album felt a bit like being set up on a blind date.  I would meet someone, who knew someone, and after leads and leads of leads, a brief introduction, I would get on the phone and tell them my magical story of how this all came to be.  There were some scary moments for sure, putting myself out there but I kept leaping, praying that the net would appear.   And it did! I will soon be able to spill the beans on my kick ass PR team, but until then, nothing but good news on the horizon!

I am happy to report that my PR A-team is coming along and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the way things are lining up, thanks to the guardian angels I have by my side. Was my faith tested?  Well…. I would be lying if I said no, as we are all imperfect humans.  But here we are, September!!!  And yesssss, things are moving along magnificently.

And there are some exciting things coming your way so mark your calendar!

Exclusive Record Release Show at the Hotel Cafe November 12th (and you, my Indiegogo music family are my VIPs!)

This is a special night for my Indiegogo music family and fans…. you will hear us play live all the songs on the album and get your copy of the Super Deluxe limited edition CD of “Been a Long Time”.

We are going to pack the House!  It will sell out for sure, so get your tickets now!

If you are not in town, not to worry- I have some nationwide releases in the works, including radio spots in early 2018. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months.  We are just getting this party started!  The “official” release is slated for January 2018.

If you are in the Nashville area, I am going to Americana Fest next week. I’m looking forward to connecting with old and new friends!  Crazy to think it was only 3 short years ago that I met wonderful souls John and Sharon Grayum, who introduced me to writer Lee Zimmerman, who has turned out to be instrumental in building my dream team for the record launch.  I’m feeling energized, excited and joyous! You can say that I am “joyously” working hard. Even though sometimes, it doesn’t feel like so much “work” as getting a huge YES!


Can you feel my excitement? My call to share my music with all of you has been answered again and again and I could not be more grateful.

All my love,

We are going to pack the House!  Get your tickets to the Hotel Café now! 

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I can’t believe it’s June already! Just this time last year, the campaign was ending, and we were planning to go into the studio. I’ve had a post-it note by my computer for weeks now to give you guys an update. The “behind the scenes” of the album project has been consuming, to say the least. Who knew there would be so many moving parts?

Just to give you a sense of me buzzing around the studio in between teaching, we logged several weeks worth of production time mixing and mastering the songs. Then came artwork and photo shoots for the album. Since we did not fundraise the full amount for all of the expenses, I’ve been creatively fundraising along the way as well, to cover the costs at the same time. We are headed towards the finish line– next up will be finding PR and planning the release for October! (Yippee!)

There have been ups and downs for sure, but as I sat down with the designer to choose photos for the album this past week, I was reminded of YOU. I was reminded when I looked at the backers from the Indiegogo campaign that there was NO WAY I could have done any of this without YOU. Aside from all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the making of the album, there is so much love. This album is about family, my grandfather, my dad and my mom…and all of YOU. You are my family too: my music family.

So when I was adding names of some of you in my special thank you page of the album, I got teary-eyed and my heart was flooded with memories of how amazing it was that everyone showed up for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a crucial part in making this all happen.

Now for some fun stuff! Here is a sneak peek of the album cover. Andrea Cat, my designer, is also part of the synchronicities that continue to pop up in my life. She and I met on Instagram because of our love of cats, (another story for another time).  Take a look at Andrea’s artwork on her website.

I hope this summer brings you much joy and relaxation. Drop me a line on IG or on FB if you have a moment. And your perks are coming as we head towards the release. Andrea and I are putting the finishing touches on the artwork as I type.

All my love, Christine

Hello My Music Family,

Are you all ready for the holidays?  It’s been a whirlwind here as we finally finished up the mixing of the album and now getting ready to send the songs into mastering.  In midst of all of the holiday rush, I was reminded to slow down and savor the moments; at least the pretty big ones for me this year- the IndieGogo Campaign, recording the album and now mixing and mastering. Each step has had it’s challenges and I have been trying to take deep breaths in between each step— acknowledging how far I’ve come.  A year ago, this was just a dream that I had!  My 2016 goal was to manifest this into reality.

What have been some of your biggest dreams and desires this year?  I’ve learned along the way, that the steps of the journey are just as important as the end result and sometimes even more so.   No matter what size our goals are, having faith, and feeling the fear and the desire to control outcomes are things we all struggle with.  Even me!  2016 has been a huge year for me; opening up to your love and support and receiving; learning that giving and receiving are equally important.

You have all taught me so much this year with your kindness, support, texts, emails and calls.  I was just looking at a video out-take from our studio session and wow—the song sure packs a punch, the power of hearing the song reminded me that I wasn’t alone; I carried all of you with me that morning into the recording studio.  Here is a sneak peek, album teaser along with some gallery shots.

So as we near the 2 weeks before Christmas and Hanukkah, I just want to say again a big THANK YOU and how much you mean to me.  I had a chance to meet some of you at a house party perk that was redeemed last weekend in Los Angeles.  It was so much fun to incorporate some holiday jingles into the set.  Please know that I am still working on the rest of the perks and haven’t forgotten.  Even though the campaign is over, if you have someone you would like to purchase gifts for —our album makes a great stocking stuffer!

We are getting close to the finish line, and still have a few things we need to raise funds for, the production of the physical CD, along with artwork and a publicist for the release.  You can still pre-order the album and I’m offering the perks Get on the Love Train and An evening from my heart to yours”.  Read about these amazing perks below and click on the link to become a co-creator and part of this album.

I am so grateful for you!

All My Love,


Smooth Ride – $25

2 signed copies of my CD Smooth Ride, sent directly to your door from yours truly!  Perfect for stocking stuffers! 12 beautiful tracks including original songs like “Cattle Press”, “Kitten”, “Boxer”, and gospel hymn “Balm in Gilead” that will lift your spirits and warm your heart. Plus my eternal love & gratitude always!  Get this perk here.

Super Deluxe – $40

You get a limited edition CD of “Been a Long Time” including more extensive artwork than the regular release, including a lyric book insert, which the regular release will not have, along with the digital trio: 3 songs from the CD you will receive by email within 24 hours, and a digital advance copy of the album before the physical release.  Plus my eternal love & gratitude forever and always! Get this perk here.

Get on the Love Train – $150

Not only do you get the Super Deluxe CD signed with a personal love note from me, which is a limited edition of “Been a Long Time” including more extensive artwork than the regular release, YOUR NAME will appear in the THANK YOU CREDITS of the lyric book insert.  Ooo la la!  Plus you’ll receive a digital copy of the CD + a tote bag with the album artwork + my eternal love & gratitude forever and always!  Get this perk here.

An evening from my heart to yours – $1500

House Concert – Get ready for a celebratory evening of heart felt serenades for you and your guests in your home or venue of choice (LA or Elk Grove, my hometown!) Guaranteed Goosebumps from powerful lyrics! Travel/hotel not included in cost for other areas. Plus a digital copy of the CD + a signed copy of the CD + a tote bag with album artwork + a thank you in credits + my eternal love & gratitude forever and always!  Get this perk here and contact me for info/arrangements.


Hello everyone! It’s starting to feel more like fall here in Los Angeles. The days are getting shorter and the weather is a bit cooler in the morning and in the evening as the sun goes down.  I just came off a really busy month where I worked on the background vocals and mixing for the album. It was non-stop working on the album and planning the Farm to Table Listening Party. The last weekend of October was perfect timing to visit my dad on the farm where I was able to take some time out and relax. The air smelled of fall, with the leaves changing, persimmons and pecans being harvested and gave me permission to slow down.

While I was chilling with my family, I reflected on what a truly amazing community I have in Los Angeles: my family away from home. On October 22nd, we had our Farm to Table Listening Party for the people who selected this perk on the IndieGogo campaign. My dear friends Ross and Kevin hosted the event at their beautiful home in Hollywood. What a privilege it was to be a part of this celebration. I was showered with so much love and generosity from my friends that came together to help me. Ross and Kevin were wonderful and did everything from cleaning house, to planting plants, to baking cookies! Jan from church decorated the house and tables and brought serving dishes. Lisa took photos and brought tables and chairs. Claire cooked her heart out! Erica served and assisted Claire. There was warm mulled cider, butternut squash soup and chili to warm our stomachs and after dinner we sang our hearts out. Patricia and I sang the song we wrote together “Soul and Bone”. Ross came and sang with me on the song “Inside This Body”. Below are some photos and our Facebook Live feed.

christineatkeyboard christinenexttofood christineoutsideatkeyboard
facebookliveshots groupresized guests
janandjoey kevinandross tables

At the party, we listened to the first rough mixes of the songs. It feels like it was just yesterday that I first shared the campaign with you all. I remember it was such a stretch for me to ask for help, as I had been doing it all by myself up until then. I knew inside my heart that it was my calling to share my music with the world. Faith and prayers were all I had to go on this summer. Then there you were. I wrote these songs for you. During the listening party, some shared that it brought tears to their eyes. THIS is what makes my heart SING: to sing and share my love of music and spirit with you.

This summer, you answered my prayers. I felt your love and Spirit’s guidance these past months as I put one foot in front of the other. You were with me for my first Facebook live post. You were there in my eleventh hour as I wrapped up the campaign with your contributions. This Friday I go to the studio to work with Talley our engineer on the final mixes. When the mixes are complete the next step will be mastering of the songs. If you selected a perk, please know that I am working away on them while fundraising to be able to finish the rest of the album.

My life has been forever changed by this summer. I know in the depths of my heart that this is not just about me; it is about bringing healing and mending broken hearts. To share my heart and music with the world, especially in these uncertain times.

We are about $5000 shy of our original goal. With the holiday almost upon us, I am humbly showing up to celebrate with you and take this opportunity to raise a few more dollars for US.

We still need to allocate funds to finish mixing, mastering, creating album artwork and producing the physical CD. As such, I am opening up a few slots in my schedule for house parties to raise money for the next part of the production.  Will you help me make this last part of our journey a reality? This very last part of my musical journey is as crucial as the first. If you live in the LA area or somewhere close to sunny Southern California, drop me a line.

I’d LOVE to come play for you! And if you are out of LA and would be open to supporting the production of the masters and pressing of the CDs I would be so grateful. Contact me to make a donation.

All my love,